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2314 W's Snowbird Down Parka
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Jackson Hole Originals


These days, it seems like everyone out there is following a trend. While trends keep getting more and more similar, as a consumer, there’s a lot of choice between the same. However, once in a while something special enough to make a difference comes along.

Jackson Hole Originals is a clothing line passionate about a style that developed among cowboys and horsemen in the Rockies for centuries. A style that later was embraced by the adventurers and explorers in Jackson Hole Wyoming in the 70´s.

Our mission is to maintain this original style by carefully combining long forgotten wisdom with new updated design.

We create clothing that is timeless, long lasting and great looking; whether you’re hiking in the back country or the canyon of Wall Street.   

It all begun with the iconic down vests with a seamless single-piece leather yoke. The idea of the famous yoke came from leather capes created by the Native Americans, and today we produce a complete range of products sustaining the solid values of the old western workwear styles.